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      Succinic acid
      Also called Butanedioec Acid, with relative molecular weight of 118.09g/mol and melting point of 185 and boiling point of 235, Succinic acid is often used to produce five heterocyclic compounds, melting in water and lightly melting in alcohol. This product is an important chemical material and has comprehensive use. For instance, in medical industry it can be used to synthesize sedative, antispasmer, antiplegm, antiphogistic, anrhoter, contraception and cancer-curing medicine,etc, and to produce dyestuff, alhydresin, glass fiber, strengthening plastic, on exchange resin and pesticide etc. in chemical industry. In addition, butanedioec acid can be used to analytical reagent, food iron strengthen and clean-sprinkling additive etc. Using the initiated electrical synthesized technique in home, and with high purity and low relling price, the product of our factory is the line medium of pharmacy, industrial plastic and, resin etc. This product has two series of industrial grade and refined grade. The industrial is up to the standard of the Chemical Department HG3-1102-77
      The packing: Packed with the weave bag inside the plastic bag ,weight of per bag is 25kg, and the refined is 25kg or specified the packing.
      Molecular formula: C4H6O4
      Molecular weight: 118.0g/mol
      Structural formula:
      M.P. : 185℃
      B.P. : 235℃
      Property: soluble in water,slightly soluble in alcohol.
      Quality index: Q/SS01-2005
      colorless to white crystal or white crystal powder
      Melting range (℃)
      Water solutioin appearance
      colorless transparent or basically colorless transparent
      Chloride %
      Sulphate (SO42-)%
      Heavy metal (Pb2+)%
      Ferrum content%
      Potassium permanganate reducing substances
      Arsenic content (As2O3)
      Use: In the preparation of five-membered heterocyclic compound, which is a organic material widely used in pharmacy, chemical industry etc.
      Packing: In woven bag lined with plastic bag,net weight 25kg; or compound bag lined with plastic bag, net weight 25kg; or upon request.